• What areas do you service?

    We service the general Chicago metro area including north, north-west, west, and south-west suburbs. We are located in Naperville, IL and all of our prices include travel for shoots within 30 miles of downtown Naperville. Outside of that area, we charge a small Travel Charge which can be found here.

  • How do I schedule a Photo-Shoot?

    It's fast and easy. You can use our online scheduler to set up your next appointment or order other services like Virtual Tours and Marketing Services. All scheduling is "real-time", so you dont have to wait for us to manually confirm dates & times.

    Head over to to get started.

  • How do I reschedule or cancel??

    No problem! Several easy ways:

    1. From any smartphone or computer, you can click on the Change/Cancel Appointment button link on your appointment Confirmation or Reminder email. You will be taken to your appointment page on our scheduler where you can make your changes. If you can't find it, try your spam folder -- its likely there. Once completed, your confirmation is immediate.
    2. Go to https// login to your account, which you created the first time you scheduled or ordered with us. Once completed, your confirmation is immediate.
    3. Call or text us at 630.618.2850. If we don't answer or respond at the time, you can leave a message, but please remember that using this method, your appointment change is not confirmed until we respond.

On-Site Appointments

  • How should I prepare the property beforehand?

    Please have the home or property clean and ready for us to begin immediately upon arrival. At that time, the space should look how you would like for it to be presented to the public. We are not stagers, but if you need help in that area, please call us and we can provide names of staging companies we are familiar with.

    Over the years, we have developed a "pre-shoot" checklist which describes in depth How to Present Your Home Perfectly.

    Due to potential liability issues, we are not able to move or arrange furniture or personal belongings while we are on premises.

  • How long will the appointment take?

    The amount of time we will be onsite varies depending on the number and type of services you have requested. The following are general timeframes for each service type:

    • Photo sessions = 45 - 120 minutes based on the size of the property.
    • Twilight photo sessions = 60 - 90 minutes.
    • Aerial or elevated photos = 30 - 60 minutes, based on number of requested images.
    • Video sessions = 30 min for a Zillow Walkthru, and 2 - 4 hours for a custom video.

    The total time for a particular session is cumulative in nature, and therefore it could take multiple hours, if more than one service has been selected.

  • Who needs to be present at the appointment?

    Neither the homeowner or agent are required to be present during the shoot. If the agent will not attend, please ensure that you have communicated any special issues with us in advance of the appointment.

    Because we will be busy during the entire time, we do ask that pets are caged and placed away from any areas which are intended to be photographed. If possible, have children stay with a friend or relative during the appointment to minimize disruption.

Photo Processing

  • How long does it take to get my photos?

    We pride ourselves in having "lightning-fast" delivery. All of our photos are delivered by noon the day following your shoot.

    For a small Rush Delivery Fee, we can even process your photos the same day of the shoot, no later than 10pm CT.

  • How am I notified that my photos are ready?

    You will receive an email letting you know your photos are ready, along with instructions on how access and download your images from your online photo vault.

  • How do I get my photos?

    Your photos are stored securely on the web in folders for each property shot. Every property is stored online for a full year, so you can retrieve them at any time from any location.

Virtual Tours

  • How do I get started with Virtual Tours?

    It's easy - just give us a call. We can explain the different options to find one that works for you. Once we set up your account, you can login and begin processing your virtual tours at any time.

  • Who customizes my Virtual Tours?

    It depends. If you are using our Basic Tour Package included with all of our Photo Packages and are a "do-it-yourselfer", then you will be able to set up your own tours from your personal online control panel.

    If you're a first time user, we highly recommend our Fast-Start Consultation and Setup Service, which can save you many hours getting started. Our tours have been designed to be extremely flexible and customizable. With that comes a certain amount of complexity, and for a single fee, we will take care of setting up and customizing your tour template settings, so you are ready to go.

    At any time, if you need help, we're available to help or train you or your assistant on an hourly basis. Typically, the bulk of your initial time will be spent determining how to tailor and brand your tour to your taste - selecting your starter template, choosing background music, changing fonts and colors, adding your contact info, photo, and business logo, and setting up syndication.

    After the initial account and tour template setup, depending on your selected options, you can expect to spend 60-90 minutes creating each new tour.

    If you're a busy agent and opted for either our Premium or Concierge Package upgrades, then we can save you time and handle most or all of the tour setup, depending on package chosen. More information about each option can be found here.

  • How do I find my tour URL links?

    Once tour is complete and ready to publish, you will find all of the tour links (branded, unbranded, online gallery, custom, etc) in your control panel.

    If we are managing your tours for you, along with the control panel access, we will automatically send you an email each time a tour is published with all the same information.


  • Do you have a travel charge?

    Travel costs for all appointments within 30 miles of downtown Naperville are included in our services fees. Outside that area, we charge a small Travel Charge which can be found here.

  • Do you have a cancellation charge?

    We recognize that sometimes the homeowner is not able to meet the schedule you have set, so we have a very lenient policy regarding late cancellations or reschedules. You may reschedule or cancel at no charge, up till 8am CT the day of shoot. After that time, until we leave for the appointment, we charge a small Reschedule/Cancel Fee.

    Once we en-route or onsite, if the shoot needs to be rescheduled or cancelled due to circumstances out of our control, we charge an "On-site, Can't Shoot" Fee.

  • How do I pay you?

    Using our online scheduler, when you create your appointment, you are required to secure the appointment with a valid credit card which is not charged until we deliver the finished photos or videos. All other services require payment at the time of the order, since they are typically delivered in less than one working day.

Referral Program

  • How does your Referral Program work?

    We hope you love our work -- each time you refer our services to a friend or colleague, and they order one of our photo or video services, you receive a referral credit equal to 10% discount off of your next order. Your colleague also receives a 10% discount on their first order. It's a win-win for all.

  • How do I manage my Referral Program?

    From your online Referral Program panel, you can see who you've referred, when they purchased, as well as your lifetime and current, unused credits.

    Our automated system keeps track of everything, so you (and we!) don't have to. When you place your orders, simply enter your credit code and our system will discount accordingly.

  • What's the difference between Referral and Credit codes?

    A Referral Code is the code or link you give to your friend of colleague, which they use when they place their first order. This code is unique to you, and with it our tracking system knows which Agent to credit. You can email, text, or tweet the code. You can also add it to your social media pages, if you would like to write an awesome review for us (blush). Remember, the more you use it, the more credits you accumulate!

    A Credit Code is the code you use to redeem your discount when placing an order with us. You will see a "Code" box where you can enter the code.

    If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us @ info[at]